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Abbotsford House
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G61 2RL

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"I can only say how lucky we were to have found Abbotsford and the fact that at no time did we ever have to worry about my mother's happiness and wellbeing, was more than we could have asked for."

"Can I say an inadequate but heartfelt thank you to all of those involved at Abbotsford for making my mother's closing years such happy ones."

"Appreciation and grateful thanks for all the care and love you provided for Dad (and Mum). You enabled us to fulfil their wish to remain together. Caring is a skill that you and the team have – it cannot be just taught."

"My mother was treated with great dignity, compassion and respect by all of the staff."

"Staff were understanding and considerate of my feelings (during a difficult time)."

"I think Abbotsford House is wonderful. The staff are very kind, courteous and understanding. The cleanliness of the home is excellent."

"Food is wonderful"

"They cater for individual needs"

"They cook something different as needed"

"You can ask if there is anything you would like"

"The Manager is very 'hands on', she really knows the residents. She's discreet and professional."

"The home put on extra staff for three nights in response to my Dad's needs."

"A security keypad was put up within 36 hours in response to my Dad's needs and those of another resident."

"His care and welfare have improved immeasurably since moving here from being at home. He's much happier, he smiles."

"Staff here in general are happy and settled, there doesn't seem to be a high turnover of staff."
"(Staff) 'couldn't be kinder'."

"Their approach is wonderful, we're all working towards the same thing."

"They've recently improved access to the garden to make it safer and are constantly looking for ways to make the home more dementia friendly.""

"I have absolutely no complaints about the quality of my Mum's care...The staff are so friendly and look after my Mum really well."

"The home is always clean and well-kept with a welcoming atmosphere."

"Treat the home as a hotel and the staff are absolutely fantastic."

"Perfectly happy here."

"staff have been very understanding and insightful during the settling in period"

"staff make contact with us readily as necessary"

"we are very much at ease now"

"They are fantastic, no matter what I need them to do they do...if I want to change a visit I just say to the girls and they change it for me'."

"They try to get the same girls in all the time, and they're trying to recruit someone else locally for me"

"With the previous service, you didn't know who was coming but now I always know who's coming, these two girls work it between them."

"They're recruiting locally for me so that I can always get the same person'"

"The Manager is excellent"

"The Manager is always willing to help and checks exactly what I need."
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